An integrated practice


Norwegian researcher Alexander Refsum Jensenius suggests an interdisciplinary approach to design differs from the collaboration of multiple disciplines working together to achieve a single goal. Interdisciplinary suggests a synthesis of approaches where knowledge, methods and process are integrated.

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John deWolf

Director of Interpretative Planning and Graphic Design


We are Placemakers

We collectively re-imagine and reinvent the spaces at the heart of every organization. From rural to urban environments, from natural settings to interior spaces, we work with institutions, government, municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, and private developers to plan, design, and brand space. We believe the creation of quality environments contributes to people’s health, happiness, and well-being. We help clients turn space into place. 

Our process? We collaborate with clients to understand their objectives and requirements, and those of residents, visitors, funding agencies, and businesses. We also collaborate with colleagues to ensure different perspectives are brought to light. Some design agencies call this branded environments, we call it placemaking, and we apply this approach to all our work—from parks and trails to museums, from downtowns to buildings.

We are an integrated practice

We are not simply an architecture practice; we are strategists, designers, storytellers, technicians and community change makers. Under one roof you will find architects working side by side with urban planners, landscape architects, planners, wayfinding specialists and graphic designers. 

The landscape architects of Fathom may look to integrate thematic content into landforms; our experiential graphic designers are aware of swales and retaining walls as much as they are methods of interpretation; our architects consider visitor experience and learning objectives with the same level of attention as they would building code and design.

Collaboration is key

What makes Fathom distinct? We believe our primary differentiator is how we—a collective of key design disciplines—work together. Fathom is a collective of individuals trained in numerous disciplines. Where some firms work in a multidisciplinary fashion—working together to achieve a single goal—we sincerely believe our design practice is truly interdisciplinary and benefits from the collective intelligence of many brains, hearts, and methods of practice.