How are we organized?


Every team in the organization has a director—and every member of the division reports to that person. The Director manages senior managers and creative staff. They are there to manage any work-related issues, like leave requests, or questions related to HR. Have a problem? Speak to your director.

Every job has a project manager. A project manager is responsible for ensuring the process runs well and on time. That does not necessarily mean the project manager is they key decision maker, that is left to the lead designer—although sometimes that person is one in the same.

Your PM is responsible for making sure projects come in on time and on budget and meet the standards of quality that we have become known for. Have questions about where your time is best spent? Speak to your PM. If you see we are going over budget on a phase (see your GroupThinq timesheets, click the progress bar), chat with the PM and see what you can do to bring us back on target. It takes a team to run a project.

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