Form:Media & Ekistics Project features in Canadian Interiors

The November/December issues of Canadian Interiors magazine features a story about the work by Form: Media and Ekistics (now Fathom Studio) for the Delmore ‘Buddy’ Daye Learning Institute in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute (DBDLI) is an Africentric-based organization that focuses on curriculum and education for learners of African ancestry in Nova Scotia. Ekistics Planning and Design and Form:Media helped to create a welcoming environment for the community, and a workplace and educational workshop and that relates directly to their African roots. From concept through construction administration, the teams developed the interior architecture, and branded environment.

The core idea for the project—from architecture to signage—was based on Adinkra printing blocks, which drove most every design decision, from architecture to signage, from material to finish. Whether offices seemingly cut from large volumes, or custom symbols carved from wood blocks, the Adinkra provided the basis for all decisions.

The online article can be found here

Katherine Peck