2015 CIP Planning Awards of Excellence

Cogswell Transformed

Ottawa - May 28, 2015- The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) honours 12 projects in the 2015 edition for its Awards for Planning Excellence.  Among the winners were an interactive classroom module on community planning (The Parklandia Project – Parkland County, AB), an urban renewal project that is truly transforming downtown Halifax (Cogswell Transformed: A Plan for the Redevelopment of the Cogswell Interchange – Halifax, NS), as well as a plan to transform a major federal government employment centre into a vibrant community hub (Tunney's Pasture Master Plan – Ottawa, ON).

The purpose of the CIP Awards for Planning Excellence is to recognize significant achievements in the field of planning. Winners were selected by a national jury of professional planners under 12 categories.

The principal criteria applied by the jurors were:

  • Innovation & Contribution to the Profession: introduction of an original concept or refinement of an existing technique or procedure.

  • Methodology: how the project is conceived and developed to the point of implementation.

  • Clarity of Goals and Objectives: overall focus and comprehensiveness relative to the subject matter.

  • Implementation: how the project can be implemented and the effectiveness of the implementation or programming.

  • Overall Presentation: organization and clarity of the text, graphics, research and recommendations.

  • Public Engagement: consideration will be given to the rationale and effectiveness of specific techniques used to share information between the proponent and the public at various points in the development of a project.

  • Sustainability: how the project contributes to the quality of life of the community relative to environmental, economic, social and cultural attributes over the long term.

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) is the national voice of Canada’s planning profession. Since 1919, CIP has been dedicated to the advancement of responsible planning throughout Canada. CIP has a membership of over 7,800 professional planners, and collaborates with provincial planning institutes and associations to promote professional standards, training and certification as well as best practices in planning across Canada. Visit www.cip-icu.ca.

The report is available at Blurb.

rob LeBlanc