Ardena Paul, Techsploration Alumna Takes Part in Funding Campaign Announcement


Fathom Studio’s architectural engineering technologist Ardena Paul was one of three alumna present last week at Techsploration’s first public funding campaign announcement. 

Techsploration is a program that provides young women in grades 9 through 12 with opportunities to explore careers in technology, trades, science and engineering. Student participants of Techsploration are paired with a role model who is employed in one of these fields, over the course of the program students engage in public speaking, presentations and attend a day in the life with their role model. Techsploration is entirely volunteer based, provides scholarships to participants and has thus far operated with privately raised funds.

Last week’s funding campaign announcement was a first as the Federal Government announced its first contribution to Techsploration. In addition to the three alumnae, Mandy Rennehan Techsploration’s CEO, Bernadette Jordan, Darren Fisher and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were present to make the announcement.

Lexie Leggat