Form:Media wins Applied Arts 2018 Community Design Awards


Form:Media has won Applied Arts Community Design Awards for two very different projects — a rebrand for a provincial regulatory body, and a unique urban memorial to a devastating explosion.

Accredited, accountable, and attentive were the pillars the Nova Scotia Association of Architects (NSAA) wanted their new brand to express, countering the perception of architects as impractical or unnecessary. The logotype features a simplified letter “A" paired with alliterative positive attributes, like "accomplished" and "approachable." A brand video succinctly introduced the concept to the association's membership, and the visual identity has been rolled out across web, signage and print collateral.

The challenge of the Fort Needham Park was entirely different — memorializing the 1917 Halifax Explosion, a catastrophe that killed thousands of people. Forgoing traditional interpretive panels, Form:Media worked with our landscape architect colleagues to incorporate the story into the landscape: stairs, walls, benches and walkways. The result is an interpretive landscape that tells the story of a defining moment in the city's history, while remaining a cherished neighbourhood park.

The 2018 Applied Arts Community Design Awards recognize design aimed at specific urban or provincial markets, across Canada.

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