We believe in architecture with a higher purpose; it must contribute to the well-being and happiness of individuals and society as a whole. To create such places, we work closely with our clients and even challenge them to examine the problem, or need, in a different way. Discovering a deeper understanding of history, culture and even truth, results in enriched architecture; places where design is rooted—and experienced—in a more meaningful context.


Our designers contribute their skills to help build a and sense of order for districts, campuses, neighbourhoods, and cities. From grouping buildings to developing networks for vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians to navigate, architects understand contribute to building a sense of place.


Our practice often designs buildings that serve multiple functions, from retail and dining to residences and office space. Mixed-use architecture is often guided by policy, and informed by need. We believe, a well designed development can improve quality of life by responding to the culture and history of place, and by addressing urban design goals.


The human scale is a realm our designers are very comfortable working in. From office environments to apartments, from restaurants to retail spaces, our designers have a deep appreciation for those places we spend a lot of time in. Material, colour, and furniture both system and custom, are an important part of the human experience.


While our architects routinely work on mixed use residential-commercial developments, we also focus on the home. Our work encompasses houses that need renovations, and homes designed from scratch.