Do I have to fill out a timesheet?

Yep, it’s part of the gig.

All staff must complete time sheets every day for submission by end of day on Friday. Timesheets trigger your paycheque, so please submit them every week. Don’t make us sick Shelley on you :) All kidding aside, accurate project accounting requires daily timesheets. Please do them daily. Timesheets should add up to the work week in your contract—typically 40 hours of work per week for most staff.

Though we do very cool work, we are first and foremost a business. We strive to bring every project in on budget so that the business can grow. GroupThinq was designed as a collective intelligence and self-organization tool; meaning that you can see how much time is remaining on every project and you can manage your time as a team to meet the project budget. You are, in effect, a small business owner. Effective time management is the first step in progressing up the corporate ladder.

GroupThinq allows you to assign time to a project phase so we can catch projects that start to go over budget early. If a phase starts to go over budget, huddle with the project manager to figure out, as a team, how to get it back on track.

Please fill out the comment field; especially for hourly projects. Sometimes the timesheet comments are included with invoices to clients, so be sure that comments are appropriate for this purpose.

Accurate timesheets are the engine of this company. Please fill them out daily, and do your part to bring projects in on budget. GroupThinq tracks the performance of every team on every project.

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