Ekistics Plan + Design and Form:Media Celebrate Local History in Design of Lunenburg Library

In July 2018, the Lunenburg branch of the South Shore Regional Library opened in the former Lunenburg Academy, a registered National Historic Site. Sister companies Ekistics Plan + Design and Form:Media (now Fathom Studio) looked to the site’s history for our inspiration, and proposed a design that celebrates the storied past of building while making the library functional and welcoming for future generations.

Built in 1895, the Lunenburg Academy operated as the community’s school until 2012. In 2016 the challenge of repurposing the space as a community cultural centre began. Reusing the architectural features and materials of the building such as chalk rails, wainscotting and floorboards provide subtle reminders of the academy’s history. New materials such as felt and wood have been used purposefully to complement the historic features while being durable enough for the heavily used space.

Recently, the RGD featured a case study of the Lunenburg Academy design with their membership which can be read here.

John deWolf